I always have so much fun when I shoot with Christina Kelley (https://www.ckelleyphoto.com/blog1) she is a blast on and off camera. This was my second shoot and it was wonderful, I was more comfortable with myself. I was beginning to love being in front of the camera. Christina and I went thru all the outfits I brought over and we picked out what we wanted to shoot in, then we began. I was nervous at first but eventually that faded away and it was really easy. I was having a lot of fun being in front of the camera the feeling of being free came back and I was going to hold onto it.

This was the first set of photos I ever had taken of myself. It was crazy to really see myself for the very first time. I had only ever been behind the scenes before, I was very nervous about being the subject of the photos. As I have said in previous posts I am not a model but I loved having my picture taken. When I got to see some of the photos from this shoot I felt so free so beautiful, it was a feeling I had never had before. It was a feeling I never wanted to let go of. After we packed up and I got into my car to head home I knew that I wanted to have my photo taken again. I began doing a lot of photoshoots after I this one, I gained a lot of confidence in myself. This was the beginning for me. Photos by Macy (http://www.macyophoto.com/)

Happy Birthday to me! I wanted to do something extra special for my 22nd birthday so I asked one of my lovely friends to take some stylized photos for me. I had no idea how much fun this shoot was going to be! We rode to the location and walked around until we found the perfect spot for the photos. Once we began shooting everything started to come together. I had all the party essentials balloons, birthday cake, confetti cannon. I was most excited to use the confetti cannon I wasn’t sure how far back my friend needed to stand or how much confetti was actually in the cannon. Once it was time to use it everything went off perfectly! I loved this shoot so much I wish I could do one every year for my birthday. Deshaneir King took these lovely photos of me (https://www.instagram.com/demokiphot/)

The photos in this set are so soft I absolutely love it. Originally I had these photos taken for my website and they were perfect! My favorite photo in this series is the last one, it took a few takes to get the shot and I blew no color powder all of the photographer but it was worth it to get the photo! I was wearing my favorite Lime Crime velvetine wicked during this shoot it was always my go to color. It always feels so great to look back on past shoots and see how much I have grown as a makeup artist and to reminisce my past hair cuts/ colors. I really have improved so much as an artist in so many areas, from brows all the way to my foundation application. Every time I apply makeup on myself or a model I learn something new , a better way to apply lashes or to cover the everyday imperfections we all have. photos by Jaquie Goncher (http://www.jaquienicole.org/)

In this set of photos I was not supposed to be the model but when our model didn’t show I decided to be photographed. Photos from this set quickly became some of my favorite photos. I was so happy that I was having photos taken with my sweet puppy dog Navae, the photos came out so lovely. Taking photos with a puppy with a lot harder then I thought it was going to be she wouldn’t stop trying to run away between shots and moving her head. Navae looked so ethereal during the shoot, she steals the focus in most of the photos but I don’t mind. We made an amazing team for this shoot. It was the first time I got to shoot in my black fur jacket I bought from Urban Outfitters. All of the photos were taken in my backyard either in the creek or near it, the water was freezing! My smile is so genuine in these photos, this really was a good day that I got to spend with my sweet puppy. Our wolf pack finally had a few photos that I will always treasure. Photos by Katrina (https://www.kmarii.com/)

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”
-Robert Munsch

This was the second photoshoot I ever had, this set was shot by Christina Kelley (https://www.ckelleyphoto.com/blog1) I was so unsure of myself back then. I wasn’t sure how to feel about being in front of the camera, how to pose or what to do with my face. I know my skills as a makeup artist have come a very long way since this set was taken, I have bloomed into an entire new person. I have never considered myself a model I am simply a makeup artist that likes to step in front of the camera from time to time.

I felt very beautiful when I got to shoot this set with Christina Kelley (https://www. ckelleyphoto.com) This is probably my favorite hair color I have had, it was so soft and feminine. Christina and I traveled to a park and took these photographs, this is only a small portion of the photos but are some of my favorite. In this set of photos I am wearing Stupid Love by Melt Cosmetics which has always been a favorite lipstick of mine, I also filled my brows in with a purple color that is from Sugarpill Cosmetics.

This set of photos was taken by my friend Kat Luzny (http://www.katluznyweddingphotography.com/) I always enjoy collaborating with other artists on projects. During this set of photos Kat did everything from my makeup to applying the glitter and styling, all I did was apply my Jeffree Star blue velvet velour liquid lipstick. We wanted the glitter to stand out the most in this makeup application, so we had the lipstick match my hair color and the color on my nails. The top I am wearing in this shoot is a swim suit top from (https://www.cupshe.com). These amazing photos were takin by Kat Luzny (http://www.katluznyweddingphotography.com/)

This is by far my favorite photoshoot I have ever done! Joseph Calvo (http://www.calvophotography.com/blog) and I collaborated on this set of photos right before halloween. I used two of my very favorite people as models for this shoot and they were amazing canvases to work on and delivered exactly what I wanted on camera something spooky! I used a mixture of body paints and alcohol based paints on each model, as well as used stage blood. On my first model I used silicone to create the effect on her skin. Once the silicone had setup I was able to paint it and then add the desired amount of blood. For my killer clown I traced the lines on her throat and chest first with a white eyeliner and then use mehron paradise paints to fill them in. On her face I did a similar thing as far as tracing around the mouth and the shape for her eyes and then little by little I added the colors I wanted until I felt it was perfect and then I decided to glue gems on. I used Jeffree Stars Weirdo Velour Liquid Lipstick on her mouth and as the liner on her eyes, it is the blackest liquid lipstick I have ever used. Its always so wonderful when you get to work with a great group of people. Photos by the most wonderful person know I Joseph Calvo (http://www.calvophotography.com/blog)

I love unconventional photo shoots they are always so much fun. During this shoot I slicked back my hair and then I was covered in honey, it was a sticky mess but a lot of fun! I dripped honey all over my face and hair and had it run down as the photos were taken. I loved how the photos turned out. We took some clean beauty photos as well and I adore them. Its always nice to see another side of myself thats what I love best about photoshoots seeing myself thru a different perspective. Christina Kelley is the photographer (https://www.ckelleyphoto.com/blog1)

I have never felt as beautiful as I did when I was shooting this set with dearest friend Joseph Calvo (http://www.calvophotography.com/blog) we have an amazing connection off and on camera! He makes all his models feel so comfortable when they are shooting, he has such a natural talent and such a kind heart. This set was very special to me Joseph helped to bring me out of a funk I was in. He sees beauty in all things not just in the typical “pretty” ladies but in the everyday person this is my favorite thing about him besides his kind heart. The images I have posted above are only a small portion of the set we shot but they are some of my favorite, he made me feel so beautiful when I didn’t see beauty in myself. I can not wait for Joseph to return in April so I can not only reunite with my friend but shoot some new images for my blog! Also when I submitted these images to Melt Cosmetics we got an amazing reply from the company! They loved our images!
I was wearing Melts new Radioactive Stack! Photos by the most wonderful person know I Joseph Calvo (http://www.calvophotography.com/blog)

Night out
I enjoy the times I get to step in front of the camera and have my own photo taken. I think everyone should get a chance to see themselves from a different point of view, there is something wonderful about standing in front of the camera lens. Its freeing and there is beauty in that. I would never call myself a model I am simply a makeup artist that likes to step in front of the camera if given the chance. Photos by Jaquie Goncher (http://www.jaquienicole.org/)

Zombie Girl
When we were looking for a place to shoot this concept we came across an old abandon and broken plane in the middle of the woods. I couldn’t think of a better place to shoot this idea! The plane was massive and covered in overgrown trees etc. but it was perfect. Once we got inside in the plane we created our story and it all came together. I am super happy the way this shoot turned out, I wanted to showcase my skills in special fx. I used silicone all over my model to create the look I wanted and then I painted her with a mixture of airbrushing and alcohol based paints. The model then placed colored contacts in her eyes to create an even spookier effect. Once we made it to the plane I added the blood and we began to shoot. Photos by Jaquie Goncher (http://www.jaquienicole.org/)

Chopsticks & Beehives
This was a very last minute shoot I did makeup for and it was a lot of fun. I always enjoy getting together with ladies in my industry and creating some magic. In the first photo of this set I put clear gloss all over the lid of my models eyes and I love the way it came across on camera. I wanted the rest of the makeup to come across very soft on camera, a light contour hardly any highlight. Just a strong brow and eye makeup and a pop of color of her lips. Photos by Jaquie Goncher (http://www.jaquienicole.org/)

Merbabe Cove
This is probably one of my favorite shoots I have ever done! I loved getting to create a bunch of real mermaids and getting to put them in the water, have them swim around. Creating each mermaid was a big task but it was very rewarding. I airbrushed each mermaid with scales and used a lot of glitter and highlighter to brighten the skin. I wanted each mermaid to be unique so different colors were chosen based on skin tone and hair color. I wanted the colors to pop on the skin so the scales would show up and the glitter/ gems that were placed on each model would be visible in the photos. Once the models were in the water everything came together we put the tales on and the water was moving it was beautiful. The shoot was very rewarding for all the hard work that was put into it. Photos by Jaquie Goncher (http://www.jaquienicole.org/)

Blending is one of my favorite things about makeup, I know I have said this before. It just makes everything seamless and beautiful. I love to create dramatic makeup looks but I also like to be soft and enhance my own natural beauty. When I start my makeup I always start with my eyebrows because that is what sets the tone for my look, I can create different brow shapes depending on what look I am going for. I personally like a strong brow on myself. Today brows are very important it took me a lot of practice to get to the skill level I am at today, but with lots of practice anyone can do it! The products I used will be listed below.

Face: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, Kat Von D Lock It Foundation
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade
Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette
Contour: Lunatic Cosmetics Contour Palette
Eyes: Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette, Urban Decay Naked Palette, MAC Jigs & Jive, Urban Decay Liner, Too Faced Roller Lash
Lips: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Dirty Money

When I sat down at my vanity and began to create this look I had no intention of using purple or of it being so dark. As I was blending and picking up more colors I wanted to make a very dramatic smokey eye. I wanted to use a new liquid lipstick from Kat Von D so I decided to draw inspiration from that. If I have a hard time getting inspired I will look at other makeup artists work or watch youtube videos and then create something. The products I used will be listed below.

Face: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, Kat Von D Lock It Foundation
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade
Highlight: Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette, Kat Von D Alchemist Palette
Contour: Lunatic Cosmetics Contour Palette
Eyes: Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette, Melt Cosmetics Promiscuous, Kat Von D Alchemist Palette, Urban Decay Liner, Too Faced Roller Lash
Lips: Kat Von D Roxy Liquid Lipstick

These are a few of my favorite things! I absolutely love Jeffree Stars velour liquid lipsticks the formula is long lasting and they come in a wide variety of colors. I recently purchased the Beauty Killer palette as well and I love it, the colors are rich and blend very easily! I can’t wait for the release of the Androgyny palette in march.

Today I wanted to create something that was more neutral in color I wanted to make my natural features pop. I used cool tones because I have very fair skin and I think that it looks better on me. I also broke out my very first pigment from Mac Cosmetics! The blue brown pigment is stunning on anyone I highly recommend purchasing it. The weather is perfect today I hope everyone can go outside and enjoy it! The products I used will be listed below.

Face: Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundation, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
Brows: Anastasia Beverlyhills Dipbrow pomade
Highlight: Kat Von D alchemist palette
Contour: Lunatick cosmetic contour palette
Eyes: Kat Von D Shade&Light eye palette, Mac blue brown pigment, Alchemist palette, tarteist clay paint liner
Lips: Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Posh Spice

I have never been afraid to use multiple colors in my makeup, I love blending one color into the next for a seamless look. Never be afraid to experiment with color be bold! I enjoy seeing other women and men using bright and loud colors. If you want to slowly add pops of color into your look start with a bold lip or a colored liquid liner these are suddle but effective. I like to sit at my vanity and play in my palettes until I find the direction I want to take my makeup that day. The products I used for this look will be listed below.

Face: Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation
Brows: Anastasia Beverlyhills Dipbrow Pomade
Highlight: Kat Von D Alchemist Palette
Contour: Lunatic cosmetic contour palette
Eyes: Melt Lovesick Stack, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
Lips: Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in Designer Blood